Satin Stitch

Let's start with a simple leaf.
Outline the leaf with Back Stitch
all around.
Next mark a dividing line with
Back Stitch again, but in a lighter
Start at the widest part and make
the first stitch as shown. Bring the
needle out at A, which is at the
center of the leaf and push the
needle down at B, which should be
as close to the outline as possible.
Bring the needle out at C and
continue this way to finish the
upper part of the leaf.

I apologize that the the letters
turned out lighter than expected.

Once you reach the tip of the leaf,
come back to the center and
complete the lower part of the leaf.
I like to start at the center, but
you could also start at one end and
work your way up if you like.
Make the stitches as closely as
Finish the right half the same way
and you are all done!!

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