Long and Short Stitch

I have traced the same leaf that
was used for the Satin Stitch.
For the Long and Short Stitch,
mark a few directional lines, as
shown with a light pencil.
Begin by stitching an outline in
Back Stitch.
Work the first row with
alternating long and short stitches.
A and B point to the two lines
marked earlier and they show the
change in the direction of the

Start the first long stitch on line A
and finish the area below it with alternating short and long stitches.
Repeat the same on line B and
complete the area between B and A.
Then move on to C (which is the
tip of the leaf) and work a set of
'straight' long and short stitches.
This is the same picture as the
one above.,
Notice that the stitches at C
are straight.
The right side of the leaf will just
be a mirror image of the left.
Use the lines as a guide.
Once you complete the first of
stitches all around, work the
second row of stitches, all the
same length.

Try to blend the stitches with the
first row so that the fabric does
not show.
Once you complete the second row
all around, work the third row of
stitches. The length of the stitches
may become short. That's ok!

Now we have created a gaping
hole in the centre of the leaf.
Cover it up with a row of Back Stitch
in a lighter shade.

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