It is been ages....

A Big Hello to All the Readers,

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for all the comments these last few months. It has indeed been a powerful motivator!!

I initially wanted to take some time off, put away my embroidery and spend the summer with my kids. But I really did not anticipate to be gone for so long!! :) I almost had to relearn the whole process of photo editing, uploading and so on...

Well, I made some progress on my long and short project. I finished all the pink petals of the Iris and moved on to the green Sepal. I also managed to outline the yellow Stamen. Here it is...

The yellow outline is done using split stitch and this stitch is always the one recommended for long and short stitch work.

Covering large areas is definitely easier than the smaller ones. I admit, the first petal was challenging but by the time I got to the last one, my confidence and speed were up!! :) For smaller areas like the greens (after some trials) I found that reducing the length of the long and short stitch produced a better finish. Yes, it seems very logical and obvious now, but it didn't occur to me then! :)

Here is another close up of the whole area. I am about 3/4 of the way into the project. Next, I am going to be working on the yellow Stamen. Part of it involves closely bunched up 'French knots'. I am looking forward to that!! :)

If you are thinking of a long and short stitch project, please take the time to choose the threads carefully. It does matter a lot. Alright then, I will post my progress again soon. It WONT be 6 months from now!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend.