I love to read and I am always looking for new books and references. So here is a list of some books that I found to be useful. These books have also been a great source of inspiration.

I have read all the books listed on this page, but if you're wondering whether I own all of them, the answer is NO! (I wish I did!! :))

  • Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches.
  • The Encyclopedia of Stitches: With 245 stitches Illustrated and 24 Exquisite Projects, by Karen Hemingway.
  • Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Embroidery. Includes Crewelwork, Goldwork, Ribbon Embroidery, and Embellishment by Melinda Coss.
  • Embroidery Techniques and Patterns by Marie-NoĆ«lle Bayard.
  • Blackwork by Mary Gostelow.
  • Creative Surface Design by Sandy Scrivano.