Decorative Kutch Work Borders

As I began my work on a new style yesterday, I had a change of heart. I decided to work on a couple of simple Kutch designs instead. Kutch work lends itself very well to many many designs. Here are a couple of design ideas that you could use on borders or bands.

Click here to learn this embroidery.

It was my five year old's idea to make the designs a little more colorful! He has always been curious about why I insist on using a single color thread when there is a whole basket to choose from. Well, this time I agreed to do it in the spirit of continous improvement. I think the tutorials have turned out quite well. Enjoy!!

Click here to learn this embroidery.

Kutch is usually done with a single color thread. But if you like to use two contrasting colors, go right ahead!

Before you leave this page, a question to ponder over readers ........ Why are some styles more popular than others? I think they are all equally wonderful! Yet, I find Kutch work for instance, to be one of the sought-after styles. Any thoughts? I would love to hear from you.

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