A closer look at the Dasara Embroidery...

Hope all of you had a wonderful Dasara! This year, my husband and I set up a small "Children's Golu" for my son. I call it that because I did not have the traditional dolls with me and so the children's park and zoo became the main theme. I also had to keep it safe for my eight month old daughter. The display turned out quite well and we all had a fun time. I look forward to doing it again, perhaps bigger next year.
Anyways, I wanted to highlight a couple of filling stitches that I used in the "Kalasha" Embroidery. One is the Satin Stitch used for the mango leaves and the other is the Long and Short Stitch used for the coconut. The tutorials for both are posted in the Stitches section. Check them out!

Satin stitch, also known as Damask Stitch works very well as a filling stitch. It provides a smooth finish, and since the stitches are all so close together the texture of the thread can be used to its advantage. Satin Stitch is used In Indian Embroidery quite a bit. This stitch has a lot of variants and the Long and Short stitch is one of them. The long and short stitch is also great for covering large areas. I used this stitch in just one color, brown, along with a few streaks of black, but this stitch is more effective when used in creating those subtle shades that you see in nature. It really brings a leaf, a flower and other such elements to life.

Tutorial Picture of Satin Stitch

Tutorial Picture of Long and Short Stitch.

A glimpse of our display. I will leave the rest to your imagination!! :)
Have a nice week, everyone!


naveen said...

thats really good needle work , where u learn this

Eager Needler said...

Thanks! I learnt to embroider while in college as a Textiles Major and since then by reading and figuring it out by myself.