Samples of Arhi work.

This is a follow up to my earlier posting on the Arhi Embroidery (Tambour Needle).

Today I would like to share a couple of samples. The first sample is a bright colored letter holder. I am sure many of you may have seen similar products at the Handicrafts fairs in India. This letter holder is made of cotton fabric and the chain stitch is done using cotton threads.

Isn't the craftsmanship beautiful? The design is well laid out, the choice of colors are good and the embroidery is very neat! A lot of care went into making this piece.

Click here to see the details.

Here is another sample of Arhi work on a salwar-kameez. Much of the distortion that you see is because the fabric kept slipping away while I was trying to photograph it. That said, there is a slight irregularity in the workmanship, probably because the fabric was stretched too tight. But overall, this piece has no flaws that stand out. Scroll down to view a close-up image of this embroidery.

The chain stitch is done using silk threads and the fabric is synthetic. The sequins are also attached using the Arhi. The stitches are small and even in size throughout the design. That is the advantage of using the arhi or the tambour needle. I like the choice of silk thread for this sample. It complements the luster of the synthetic fabric very well.

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Manasi Kunchur Joshi said...

Beautiful work!!

I hope I am not being a pest, but is there a way I could contact you directly once I come back to the US? Is there an email address where I could email you?

I have almost completed my Zardozi course & love everything about it. I am already inspired by this art & looking at your work, I want to start doing Arhi work....right now!