Kutch Work

In this article I would like to introduce KUTCH, a part of India that has contributed many wonderful embroidery styles and techniques.

Examples are Kutchi Bharat, Ahir, Heer Bharat (all over embroidery), Abhla Bharat (use of small mirrors), Chain Stitch of Bhavnagar, Sindhi Bharat (use of interlacing stitch) and Moti Bharat (use of beads). Of these the most prominent ones are Kutchi Bharat and Ahir embroideries.

A little history... Kutch is the largest district in the western state of Gujarat. It is made up of many small communities many of whom have settled here after years of migration. These communities live in isolation and each has developed its own style of embroidery, thus contributing a wide array of styles to the embroidery world.

The embroideries of this region are very bright, bold, and colorful, perhaps to beat the mood of the dry desert land. Mirrors, beads and tassels are liberally used making the embroidery very rich, yet not gaudy. Threads and fabrics traditionally used are cotton and silk. These days however, cotton fabrics and threads are favored. Some of the stitches used are chain, double buttonhole, interlacing, running, stem and herringbone.

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