Kutch Tutorial - 2

How to use: This is a slideshow. To start, click the play icon. The slideshow will progress slowly, with a 10 second pause between photos. To pause, mouse-over the picture, then click the pause icon. To advance through the show manually, click the previous and next icons. .

I prefer photos to videos and this is an experiment in creating a tutorial that is easy to follow using photos. If you could take a moment to let me know your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.



ghazala said...

so many thanku.... i am waiting 4 this long time.it is very easy to make it with the help of ur slideshow.

Eager Needler said...

You are welcome Ghazala and thanks for leaving your feedback.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU " SO MUCH " to share this LOVELY tutorial ...

I'm going to try it soon ... and ... hope to show you the result !

sorry ... I can't speak english well but ... just I'm trying to say : " THANK YOU " :)

eska said...

Hello :)
I´ve recently discovered kutch embroidery browsing around in youtube. I´m Spanish and I had never seen it.
I´m really happy to find your blog, this is by far the clearest and best explained tutorial on kutch I´ve found. Making it as a slideshow instead of a video is a great idea.
Thanks so much for taking your time to help others to learn.

Greetings :)

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely Video I chanced upon while searching for Kutch work tutorials.

I have a question though, When you do the interlacing, does the green thread ever go under the cloth or are you only interlacing the green thread through the red thread

Eager Needler said...

That's a good question! The green thread does not go under the cloth. It is only interlaced through the red thread.
-- Sukanya

Anonymous said...

Very nice