Embroidered Pillow cases.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend! As for me, I began an embroidery project for the home. This one has been overdue for some time now. Finally I got started with it yesterday.

I am embroidering a cotton pillow case that is a very nice shade of yellow. I am using Kantha work. I used a design from an old book and modified it a little. I then traced the pattern along the edge of the pillow case. I have finished about a third of the piece.

Traditionally, the outline stitch for Kantha work is done using black thread, but I felt brown would be a better choice for my project. I am going to fill in the flowers with more colors once I complete the outline.

Now, if you are interested in Kantha work, it is very simple. After all it is predominantly running stitch. But how you work the running stitch is important. For instance, the thread going up should be longer than the thread going down. And another point - the rippled effect that is created by the running stitch is part of the charm. Don't try to distort it.

Well, hopefully I'll have completed the outline stitch in my next posting. Stay tuned!

Sukanya@Eager Needler

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girija said...

I absolutely enjoyed visiting your blog,Sukanya..now you have a regular visitor in me !

Eager Needler said...

Thanks for the lovely note Girija. Glad you enjoyed my blog.