Embroidered Wall Hanging.

Hello everyone,

Today at Eager Needler, it is an embroidered wall hanging of a Kasuti design. I recently came across a treasure!! A silk sari with a myriad of Kasuti designs :). The designs on that sari are really beautiful and some of them are quite complex. So, I spent the last few days in trying to transfer some of those designs on to a graph paper. But I did not get very far as I got sidetracked into making a embroidered wall hanging. And for it, I chose a design that I really liked and thought was quite different.
I embroidered this design on Aida fabric. Aida is a cotton fabric made for counted thread work and it works great for Kasuti. The other reason for choosing Aida was for its stiffness which made framing a little easy. I used two strands of thread throughout in plum and green colors. I made some modification to the original design. I have filled some of the octagonal shapes with cross stitch, also known as Menthi. This stitch does not appear the same on both sides. The main stitch is of course the 'double running stitch', also called 'Holbein stitch', also called 'Gavanthi'.

Initially I did not have the border. But when I framed it, there was a lot more fabric visible than I wanted. So I added a simple border and tried to tie it in with the main design. The finished design measures about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. So I chose a 8 x 10 frame and used the entire area.

Overall, I really enjoyed this 'mini' project for the home. It took me a few sittings in front of the TV to complete it :). The design is not difficult, just takes time and patience.

And finally, if you like the design, send me an email at eagerneedler@gmail.com and I will be happy to share the design with you along with some brief instructions. If you have tried some simple Kasuti designs before, then this should be simple enough!

Happy embroidering!

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deepa said...

great work,Sukanya. Did you frame this yourself?

Eager Needler said...

Thanks Deepa. Yes, I framed it myself :)

Aditi Sameer said...

Very nice work.
Best wishes


Eager Needler said...

Thanks for the comment Aditi :)

Anonymous said...



hope you know me now : I'm your Anonymous FAN !!!

Sheida :D

Anonymous said...

Great work Sukanya! Love Kasuti, have never tried on my own, but own two kasuti sarees and I absolutely adore them. The design you have chosen is very nice and I like the way you have added the border. Keep up the good work!!