Embroidered Pillow cases - Week 3

Last week, I was able to finish the first pillow case, complete the outline on the second one and so much more. That's quite unusual for me. I think it was just my lucky week :)

Anyways, here is the completed pillow case. As you can see I have alternated between blue and pink colors for the flowers using running stitch. But I left the center of the flower empty so that the shape is better defined. Otherwise, it would have appeared as a mass of "something" in blue and pink.

Here is a close up of the design. I kept the filling short and far apart, because I wanted to emphasize the outline. I used three strands of threads for both the outline as well as the filling. I always mention the number of strands I use because it is an important element in embroidery (in my humble opinion). Choose the number of strands depending on the fabric and the design.

And finally, here is a picture comparing the filled and unfilled designs. Since it is a matter of personal choice, I took a photo of the second pillow case before filling it in. I prefer the one with a splash of blue and pink in it. What do you think? I would love to hear from you.

Happy stitching!

Sukanya@Eager Needler

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Vanitha Suresh said...

The Kantha embroidery looks very professional and I think that it's a great idea to do it on a pillow-case.

Deepa said...

Looks great,Sukanya!!!

Eager Needler said...

Thanks Vanitha and Deepa, for your feedback!