Hello fellow bloggers and friends:

I am back to share my progress on the long and short project. Thank you all very much for those thoughtful comments and the patience!!

I am almost done with the project. And here it is.

As you can see I have about 10% of the work left before I can frame it.

Picking up from where we left off..., the first thing I did was complete the flower center in shades of yellow. It was quite simple and easy, being a small area. The stamen in French Knots was also surprisingly easy and super fast. I haven't used French knots before but it is quite easy to do.

The next part I worked on was the base of the stem in different shades of green. I divided this into three sections and outlined each section with split stitch. Next I drew guidelines, very lightly using a pencil to mark the direction of the long and short stitch. This is a very important step. It is also a good idea to draw them every time there is a change in the direction. I may have mentioned this before - I had to undo a petal completely because the direction of the stitches were wrong.
Lastly, I outlined the long stem and the turnover leaf to the right using split stitch. As you can see, I have just started working the long and short stitch on the long stem.

I am actually quite excited that I am almost at the end of the project. I hope to be done within a week. See you then!

Happy Embroidering!