Long and Short Project: All done!!!

Hello everyone:

I am back to share my completed project :) ta-da .....

The project was very fulfilling and relaxing. It took a little longer than I anticipated, but mostly because I could not devote much time to it in the last few months.

For this particular stem, I began the short and long stitch at the bottom and went all the way up. This makes for a very interesting finish because there is no split stitch at the bottom.

After I completed the long and short stitch on all the stems, I went back and added a few veins in a single strand of dark green thread using stem stitch.

That's all on this project. Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments during this project. In my next post, I will be getting back to Indian Embroidery, talking about Applique Work.

Till then,
Happy Embroidering.



Pratima Kapoor said...

Hi sukanya ( like your name)

Very beautifully done.

Eager Needler said...

Thanks for the kind note Pratima!
-- Sukanya