Basic Kasuti Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for a simple Kasuti design. I have included several photos to help you understand the underlying concept of Kasuti. Once you go through these steps, you should be able to embroider most Kasuti designs. Enjoy!!

Note: Remember that Kasuti is counted thread embroidery.

This is the design. We start at the center.

Bring the needle up at the center.

Leave a fairly long thread at the back. Do not tie any knot at this point.

We begin by working on the first diamond. First go up two squares and then diagonally two squares.

Next, go up two squares. This is for the extension above the diamond (take a look at the completed picture if it is not clear).

Now come back to the same point and go down diagonally two squares.

Come back two squares to the beginning of the diamond.

Bring the needle back up to trace back and finish the diamond. This is how you get the same design on the right and wrong sides of the fabric.

Finishing the diamond......

Bring the needle back to the center.

Take a look at the reverse side of the fabric at this point. It should be the same as the front.

Follow the same steps for the second diamond.

Continue working on the diamond.....

Complete the second diamond and come back to the center.

Continue with the third diamond.

Finish up the third diamond.

Follow the same steps for the fourth diamond.

You will finish at the center.

Take the needle down at the center again (very close to the other stitches) and finish off on the wrong side.

Tie a knot at the center.

You can choose to skip the knot and just insert the threads through the stitches. Whatever method you use, make sure that the threads are secured well.

Cut the threads very close to the knot.

The design is now complete.

This is the reverse side.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial - uploading all those photos must have been quite a lot of work.