Mirror Work Tutorial

I have used three strands of embroidery thread. Four strands will also work well.

Position mirror and while holding it with one hand, stitch two vertical lines in the center not too far apart.

Stitch two horizontal lines so that they interlace with the vertical lines i.e, the horizontal lines go over and under the two vertical lines.

We begin the buttonhole stitch. Bring the needle up 1/16 th of an inch away from the mirror. Pick up a tiny bit of fabric in a straight line toward the mirror.

Pull the thread all the way so you make a stitch and then pass the needle under the intersection and through the stitch that you just made.

You have just completed your first buttonhole stitch. Do not pull too hard. The loop should be visible. Go around the mirror in the same way.

This is the half way mark. We are still using the first thread and not picked up the second thread yet.

Now we pick up the second thread and continue the buttonhole stitch.

All done!!

This is the reverse side for you reference.


shobha said...

This method is new to me, and easier than the way I have been attaching mirrors uptil now. Good work on this blog, EagerNeedler !

Eager Needler said...

Thanks for your feedback Shobha.

Ann said...

Knowing something is different and teaching everyone how do you do it is awesome. Your work is fab n so r u :) tnx for sharin ur art with all of us :)

Eager Needler said...

Thanks for a very lovely comment Ann :)

Anonymous said...

Good one..